Landlord Info

How long will it take to lease my property.

This can depend on the present market conditions and also the time of year. In most cases we are given at least 4 weeks notice prior to the property becoming vacant which is sufficient time to enable us to find a suitable tenant. If the property is above the average rental figure it may take a little longer to find tenants for this price range. 

How will you market our property.

We provide Internet advertising, office marketing and a For Lease board on the property to generate as much interest as possible and ensure that we have a range of applications to process and find the most suitable tenant possible.

How are the tenants Qualified and Selected.

Proficient Property Management has a very strict process in vetting prospective applicants whilst  complying  with the Privacy Act. Thorough checks are carried out to ensure the credibility of each applicant. We have the ability to ask the right questions which  minimizes potential risks to the Landlord.

Prospective tenants are required to complete a Rental Application Form listing Employment and Rental History. Details are varified and a rental history check is conducted through the appropriate channels, only available to  Estate Agents who have access to this network. It is vital for these checks to be carried out to reveal any adverse details of previous tenancies or outstanding debts. 

Does the Agent conduct the Inspections –  Do you give out keys.

All inspections are carried out by the agent, no keys are handed out for any unattended  inspections of the property. Appointments are arranged at mutually convenient times which gives us the opportunity to receive any feedback about the property, and also explain all features and benefits.

Does the tenant pay a Bond / Security deposit.

A bond which is also referred to as a Security Deposit is paid by the tenant at the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement.  The bond is equivalent to 1 months rent and is held in trust by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority . At the termination of the Tenancy Agreement this bond is returned to the tenant providing the rent is paid up to date and that the property is in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the tenancy.  The agent can apply to VCAT to draw on this money at the end of the tenancy if there is outstanding rent due or if the property requires any repairs / maintenance. 

Prior to tenants moving in.

A detailed condition report is completed by the Agent prior to the tenants moving in. We also take internal and external photographs to ensure that we have sufficient evidence of the condition of the property which is recorded for your protection and as a reference at conclusion of the agreement. 
When do l receive the rent money

Rent is collected per calander month however some tenantselect to pay fortnightly.

Landlord Statement runs are done on a daily basis for your convenience. Proficient Property Management does not hold onto funds. Once received the funds are deposited to the Landlord on the same day. We offer prompt payment via Internet Banking, and the funds are transferred from our Trust Account to your nominated bank account and may be drawn against immediately. 

What happens if the tenant pays the rent late.

Rental arrears are monitored on a daily basis. Proficient Property Management is very meticulous in ensuring rent is paid on the due date. Rent can be paid in the Office or via Internet Banking, or deposited in the bank.  These options eliminate rent being paid late. If rent is overdue we follow a rigorous follow up procedure. 

2 days late – Phone call reminder

1 week late – Letter sent to Tenant notifying of Impending Termination Notice 

15 days late – Termination Notice is served 

When is rent reviewed.

Rental reviews are regularly undertaken and monitored in accordance with the present market conditions. Tenants are provided by correspondance with 60 Days Notice advising them of any proposed rental increase. 

How often are Routine Inspections carried out.

 When a new tenant moves in a Routine Inspection is carried out at the 3 month period and then 6 monthly thereafter to ensure that the property is being maintained in an acceptable condition . The Agent will carry out this inspection which you are invited  to attend should you desire. You will be provided with a written report to inform you of the condition of the property.  The inspections also provide the opportunity to determine if any repairs / maintenance is required now or in the future.

Am l contacted about repairs.

You will always be contacted about any  maintenance required  before any work is carried out. Should you not be contactable or the problem is urgent and after hours  the Agent will organize the repair on your behalf at the best possible price.

Will the tenants do the right thing and not damage the property.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that the tenants will look after your property as you would.  Proficient Property Management carries out regular inspections to ensure that it is being maintained to our satisfaction. For that added piece of mind there are Insurance Policies available to cover unforeseen circumstances. 

Optional Insurance Protection / Landlords Insurance.

We offer information on Terry Sheer Insurance who offer coverage for approximately  $256.00 per year. this is great value for that added piece of mind and is fully tax deductible. Should you require any further details please ask the Agent. To find out more on this policy