Tenant Information

Important things to consider before renting a property. 

You will be required to pay 1 months rent in advance.

A security deposit / bond which is equivalent to the first months rent will be required.  ( This will be required within 24 hours of your application being accepted )

Ensure your budget allows you to be able to meet your requirements in paying rent as well as living expenses. 

You will be required to provide sufficent identification i.e drivers licence, birth certificate, character references.

Completing an application form.

Please make sure all sections of the application form are completed.

An application must be completed on each person who will be occupying the premises. 

Please make sure you sign the privacy statement which will enable us to do reference checks on you which is a requirement for us to proccess your application. 

If you are receiving any additional benefits such as centrelink or similar please provide details and confirmation of these payments.

Once your application has been received we will contact you if need be to request any

additional information. You will be notified within a few days  if your application has been successful or unsuccessful. Once your application has been approved you will be provided with a confirmation letter outling details of the tenancy and payment requirements.

When will l be required to make payment for the rent and the bond.

You will be required to pay the bond which is equivalent to the first months rent within 24 hours of your application being accepted. The rent will be payable upon the tenancy agreement commencing.  It is advisable to make an appointment to sign the relevant paperwork so that all documents can be explained thoroughly to and any questions may be answered. 

How do l pay my rent when due.

Rent can be paid personally in the office between office hours or alternately paying directly into the bank, or by internet banking. Once your rent has been received you will be provided with a receipt as confirmation that it has been received. If for any unforseen circumstances you are not able to pay your rent on the due date please contact your agent to make them aware of this.   

How do l go about reporting any maintenance or other issues during my tenancy.  

A maintenance report form is availalbe on our web site for you to report any non urgent  maintenace issues, this can either be faxed or emailed through to our office. For urgent matters please telephone your property manager.

What if my circumstances change. 

notify the agent should your circumstances change i.e person other than named on the lease moving in, somebody vacating the premises, going away for longer than normal periods of time, change of phone numbers, any additional pets. 

Having pets at the property. 

It is most common for people to have pets whilst most landlords except pets at the property,  it is on the condition that they are not kept inside the house, it is your responsiblity to ensure that you abide by the responsible pet ownership rules. 

What happens if l need to break my lease agreement.

Unfortunately unforseen circumstances arise which cannot be avoided, should you need to break your lease agreement please advise your property manager immediately. If this is the case you would be required to pay for any costs associated with the re leasing of the property i.e advertising.  You will be required to keep paying the rent until such time as another suitable tenant can be found to take over the agreement. A re letting fee is also payable which is equivelant to one weeks rent. 
During the Tenancy. 

Once moving into the property it is your responsiblity to maintain the premises

inside and out  and ensure that the owners property is looked after to the best of your ability at all times. 

The agent will carry out a general inspection of the property at the 3 month period and then six monthly thereafter. Should any maintenance issues arise or any damage to the property occur  please bring this to the attention of your property manager, so that it can be noted on our records. This eliminates any discrepancies at the end of your tenancy, and ensures that the property has everything in working order. 

Contacting the Property Manager. 

Your property manager can be contacted in person in the office or by phone or alternately via email.  Our office is open Monday through to Saturday please note if office is unattended we are always available on the mobile.